Free Download: Developing Christian Character Through Gardening

free gardening unit

Spring is on the horizon. I’m getting ready to put up the fencing I use in the garden to support peas and I’m anxiously awaiting Nebraska’s last frost date. Now it looks like a good deal of the nation is sitting at home, trying to figure out what to do with themselves. There’s no better time to get out in the sunshine, dig in the dirt and teach your children about the wonders of plant and the faithfulness of God. Hence, I dusted off and edited my favorite free lesson guide, Developing Christian Character Through Garden. This isn’t a lesson plan, per say. More of a guide to suggested conversations and educational explorations to draw your children’s understanding and hearts toward God. Just click on the link below the image to download. And consider signing up for my newsletter to be notified when I have new ideas to share with your family!


Developing Christian Character Through Gardening


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