On finding our place in the symphony of life

symphony of life

There isn’t any genre of music I love more than classical music. The skill of the conductor and the musicians never cease to amaze me. I am in awe that a human being can create something that lovely for other people to enjoy and I am that sappy person that will cry a little when it moves me.

I love the violin. And the cello. Especially if I can hear them together. The strings are my favorite section (but don’t tell my percussionist son!). Nothing warms my heart like a well-trained musician playing a beautiful melody. All the strings tuned and in their places, singing out the tones that they were designed to make. Each string is made to do its own thing and do it well. If you were to tune the low string to the high note it would break, and the high notes would go limp and not resonate in the low string’s spot.

Some people are really busy and seem to make it function well. Some might call them “high strung” but maybe they just resonate at a higher frequency. Thriving on activity and a full schedule, they usually get more attention and are a bit busier on the musical staff than the lower notes. This is natural for the human ear to hear.

Others prefer a slower pace and folks may label them “quaint” or just behind the times. Maybe they are simply the bass notes of our society, laying the foundation that grounds the higher strings. Slow and melodic, they bring richness and depth so important to a composition.

Separately these make their own lovely sounds but when you put these together they complete the harmony. We need to find the tone God has designed us to make. There may be some sour notes as we find our way to that perfect pitch, and even when we do we may slip a bit off pitch. But the more we submit to the Master’s touch the more we will find, like a fine instrument, we are making our own sweet song to the Lord, happy in our place and resonating with joy.

At his tabernacle will I sacrifice with shouts of joy; I will sing and make music to the Lord. 

Ps. 27:6b KJV

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    Dana Hanley

    January 22, 2020

    I think it is so good to recognize that a lot of our differences are because God made us different. So often, you can see those differences even when they are very young. My 12 year old is shy and quiet and watches everyone and everything. Sometimes I worry it is had to do with her own grief because she stopped talking to people outside our family for awhile after he died. But then, that trait was there when she was a baby and delayed on milestones and I would worry and even the doctor would worry. And then one day she would do whatever the new thing was with the expertise of a baby who had been doing it all along. She didn’t fight and struggle and try to roll over like her siblings. She laid their contentedly watching the world until one day she just rolled over.

    She has always watched for a long time before engaging or trying something new.

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    January 22, 2020

    Thank you for sharing the analogy between us as people and music. I love to listen to gospel music but enjoy dancing to some good ole country and then when feeling frisky I love to put the jazz on and dance, like no one is watching because they aren’t 🙂 I also see for myself that different seasons I was a bit different more social at times and others give me my place by the water, alone, watching and thinking. I look forward to reading more of what and how you write. Blessings to you!